Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Place Value Time

After the experience of my old "Time Calculator" (for 2004) I tried to develop an app that explains how this webpage subtract time.

Over the years I have received all kinds of comments on how to make this calculation.
This time, I tried to explain graphically how the original application does.

And I think I've managed to build what should have been the original application.
What was missing was to be able to modify the difference between the two dates.

(and save last configuration) 

I must thank all those who have been making comments over many years

Here you can find the new: "Place Value Time"  (for Android devices) 
(  ) 

 Here is the video of the 'Place Value Time' Android app:

 In the video:
  • - From countdown to elapsed time.
  • - my age.
  • - when I should have celebrated my 500,000 hours of life.

The app is available on Google Play, Samsung Galaxy Apps and Amazon.
Place Value Time - Google Play
Place Value Time - Amazon
Is a paid app.(the paid version of the previous 'Time Calculator' (Android)

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