Sunday, March 22, 2015

Education and proper teaching is the best antidote to ward off the madness in our lives.

From the Prinzhorn Collection
Someone might say that insanity is the lack of tools to understand the real world.
Madness, in the discipline of physics for example, could be exemplified by the ignorance of the basic principle of conservation of energy.
A person who does not understand or unknown this principle, it seems a crazy person to the other people with basic skills.
While, the patient without the most basic knowledge, could spend a lifetime to solve an impossible problem to solve, further worsening their own state.
And besides, could eventually add more and more vicious circles of those who already we have normally in the head

Education and proper teaching is the best antidote to ward off a little the madness in our lives.

I will illustrate this with a drawing of the Prinzhorn Collection.
Part of the therapy practiced in the mental institution run by Hans Prinzhorn, 
( ) was to propose to internal patients to conduct drawings and diagrams in which patients express their concerns, concerns or ideas in general.

The drawing represents one of many attempts of a patient to figure out how to build a bicycle propelled by perpetual motion: I mean that as the bicycle moves, the bicycle exploits a supposed energy power, and the bicycle moves forward and accelerates itself, without help of the bicycle rider.

Some months later: More info about education may cut dementia: