Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Dancing numbers: (Math Circus)

Dancing numbers: Numbers Circus: Modulo choreography.
( And:  Circus for to tame numbers, too )

After the post dedicated to dancing sort algorithms,  I think it's time to show a program made and published in 2004, which it could be useful in teaching elementary mathematics.

Is the "Dancing numbers

Originally made for , it never has been published. Finally I posted it on my page so do not be missed for the moment.

The program allows you to manipulate a lot of integers (up to 2000) with some simple rules: decide the number of columns that are to line up neatly from lowest to highest.
(Also possible to arrange smaller amounts of numbers)

The program allows for reflection on the divisibility of numbers and remainders:

It is also advisable to use the mode 9 columns, that shows the rule of divisibility for 9.
(The sum of all members of any number equals the heading number of the column)

And all the rules explained in
(related to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division (sometimes), and congruence).

Here is a sample of how the program works:

You can use the application here:

I hope its use will be useful to teach elementary mathematics.