Saturday, December 19, 2015

Ancient garden machinery

Some days ago, I stumbled upon this page:

 Gardens as crypto computers

There, there's also a reference to the work of Chandra Mukerji:  
"Territorial ambitions and the gardens of Versailles".
Chandra Mukerji - Cambridge University Press, Sep 25, 1997 - History - 393 pages

There: "Chandra Mukerji highlights the connections between the seemingly disparate activities of engineering and garden design, showing how the gardens at Versailles showcased French skills in using nature and art to design a distinctively French landscape and create a naturalized political territoriality."

From my point of view is a suggestive research field. I created a group google plus to continue the search :

"Ancient garden machinery"

If someone wants to help, he will be well received in the group.