Thursday, July 16, 2015

Touch decimals. Part 5. Collaboration

The 07/04/2015 after some days from the first post of "Touch decimals": 
I received this animation from JeffL (member of MathTools & author of: 
"Jeff's Interactive K12 Math Scripts Page") :

This led me to develop an alternative program with its version.
And I added it to my original program.
With translation between the two systems.
(One with 'Tokens' signed and  'Places' unsigned, and the other with color
'Tokens'  unsigned and 'Places' signed).
I think the program has been enriched by the two visions.

The pre-release videos:

The YouTube Video about the posted version (July 15 2015): Touch decimals v.1.1.0 r.4:

I should also like to thank Wendy Petti for comments made in the early development of this program.

From 2015/09/1 There's a online version of "Touch decimals Place value"  JavaScript version:

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